In Loving Memory...

Vic Imes

Vic ImesI am truly blessed that God put Vic Imes in the right place at the right time to become a part of my life. Our first encounter was in preparation for a road trip to a Promise Keepers convention in Columbia, South Carolina. Vic volunteered to ride with me to the convention. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference his decision to ride with me made in my life and what it has meant to me. We became instant friends and shared our lives with each other like brothers. Vic got a kick out of telling doctors and nurses at the many hospitals and clinics we visited during his extended illness that I was his brother. The doctors and nurses always looked puzzled because we had different last names. After seeing their confusion, Vic would always say “my brother in Christ.” That statement never failed to make me feel special.

Vic Imes was truly a man of God and was not ashamed to let everyone he came in contact with know just that. Vic was a true and never-wavering servant to God and his church. He was always willing to help his fellow man in any way he could and always with that wonderful smile of his. Vic had the most positive and uplifting attitude of anyone I’ve ever known. I’ll always cherish the time that I got to spend with this faith-filled man of God. Vic may be gone to be with the Lord, but he will never be forgotten by the people whose lives he touched like he touched mine.

Farewell, good friend, till we meet again, where there is no pain and suffering and we can truly be servants for God.
- Barry Dudley

Marvin "Woody" Cherry

Woody CherryWoody was a great man of Faith. He never wavered, and he persevered until the end. One time when he was at Duke hospital for chemotherapy he called me to encourage me. That's just the kind of guy he was. He cared enough to call and encourage me while he was in the hospital receiving treatment for cancer. He was a great friend and brother. He will truly be missed.
- Willy Agostini Jr.

Very seldom does God bring somneone into our lives that in every way perfectly fills the roll entitled "best friend". Woody Cherry was just such a person. Not just to me, but to every one he met. It never ceased to amaze me that no how well or little he knew someone, he was always willing to give unselfishly of himself and lend a helping hand. Woody and I met in 1980 and quickly became friends. He was my roommate, co-worker, fishing buddy and my BEST friend. It is my prayer that I can continue his legacy with my friends both old and new. Marvin and Eveline, I know that I will NEVER be able to take Woodys place in your hearts but I want you to know that I love you both as much as I do Woody and am here for you just as Woody was ALWAYS there for me.
- Bryan Crabtree

David Franklin

David FranklinDavid was unique in all the world to me, and the most interesting person I have ever known. He was a man of many gifts and talents. Most of all, he was a man of integrity, and a man who knew how to love. The impact that David had on my life is amazing, considering how little time we had together. It is still difficult to imagine a world without him in it, but it comforts me to know that he is with the Lord, and that I will see him again.
- Pam Armfield

David was a gentleman who was a mentor and and friend. He was one of the few people who touched my life that would listen and could also tell it to me straight. David was like my brother and I miss him now and look forward to seeing him again.
- Cathy Bain

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